Baptism marks being on a Journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives. For many people Baptism is the first step in response to God's love. It is a joyful opportunity when we rejoice in what God has done for us in Christ, and in response make serious promises and declare the faith of the Christian Church. The wider community of the local church welcomes those being baptised promising support and prayer for the future. We love to baptise both people who have come to living faith in the Lord Jesus and those who wish to bring their children up in that faith. As you pray for your child or for yourself remember you are part of the World-Wide Church which throughout the ages, journeys into the fullness, of God's love.

How do we arrange a Baptism (or Christening)?  

  • Meet the Vicar at the church of your choosing during one of the Sunday Services. This will give you a great opportunity of seeing the Church in worship.  
  • Alternatively call or email us. We will contact you and arrange a visit at your home as soon as possible.  
  • You will be invited to come along to Baptism Preparation which will help you to understand the Service of Baptism better, it will prepare you for the Promises you are to make, as well as answering the many questions you will inevitably have for your special day.  
  • Due to the promises you make at baptism being so important to God and the Church, we take care to prepare people well to make those promises for themselves or on behalf of a child.  
  • Baptisms are normally celebrated during the Main Service at either of our churches but on occasions this may occur at alternative times.

Baptism Preparation

This is essential for all people who are seeking Baptism for their children. This is an opportunity to explore what Baptism is all about, as well as answering all of those practical questions. During this time dates and times for your Baptism can be made.

What about Godparents?

  • All Godparents must be baptised. People who are not baptised can of course still be of value to your child and can be included in the service in alternative ways. 
  • They will have an on-going role in your child's life journey to help them grow in their Christian faith, so bear this in mind when you consider who you ask. 
  • We encourage you to invite three or four people to be Godparents.

How much does Baptism cost? 

  • There is no charge for Baptism. It's like God's love! There is however, always an offering plate which anyone is able to bless the church through giving. 
  • If the Baptism service is not during the Main Sunday Service and an organist is required, an additional fee may be required!

How will the Church help you? 

  • We will continue to pray for your family. 
  • We offer lots of activities to help you keep your baptism promises and bring your child to Church. 
  • We hope that you will build a regular pattern of bringing your child to Church to fulfil the promises you make at the Baptism service. 
  • After your baptism service we will remain in touch, inviting you to services of thanksgiving for the promises you have made. These are lovely occasions when we can all marvel at your child's growth and development.