Blessings & Renewal of Vows

This service has become popular with many different couples for a variety of reasons.

Some couples may have had a small private wedding for whatever reason, perhaps abroad and on return look for a local celebration within a Church Service. Some choose to celebrate an anniversary with a special service. Other couples after a time of illness, separation or difficulty in marriage want to offer their marriage to God with a service. Some couples choose to rejoice in their time of marriage with other couples known to them in a joint celebration.

A Service of  Renewal of Vows or Blessing of a Marriage can be held at home or in church and may be combined with another service, such as the Holy Communion.

Whatever the reason for this time of celebration, for each occasion, suitable prayers and other words will be chosen by the couple and the Minister leading the Service. 

Please do contact the Vicar to chat this through further.