Thinking of Confirmation or wondered what it is?

 Have lots of questions? Hopefully the following will help…

What is it… Confirmation is an opportunity to publicly declare your faith and the commitment of your life to Jesus Christ. During the Service each person repeats the vows made during their Baptism (Vows often made on their behalf by their parents and God-Parents). The Bishop through the laying on of hands assures you of God’s acceptance and welcomes you into full membership of the church. The laying on of hands is a Biblical practice which took place in the early church and continues today.

Who is Confirmation for?

  • If you were baptised as a child.  Confirmation can be a time of declaring publicly that you are now committed to following Christ. The Bishop will confirm this commitment through the laying on of hands.
  • If you have come to faith as an adult or young person, and were not baptised as a child and would like to be baptised or have recently been baptised, for you confirmation will be a time of further public declaration and an opportunity for the Bishop to lay hands on you to confirm your declaration.
  • Or you may have been baptised and accepted into membership of a church other than the Church of England but you wish now to become a member of the Church of England. Through the laying on of hands by the Bishop this can become so.

 Confirmation can for many people be a major milestone in their life and for others a real turning point. The significance of confirmation depends largely on the commitment of those preparing for it. Our Churches takes Confirmation seriously and we have offered an Alpha courses to enable candidates to prepare. It is not too late to come along to this.

And…If you’d like to be Confirmed, you may consider contacting your God-Parents so that they may be able to pray for you and think about coming to your confirmation service.

Finally…If you (youth or adult) would like to be confirmed please talk to us.