We love to help couples celebrate their wedding and prepare them for their marriage! Please have a look at this site,, which gives details of just how special a church wedding can be.

Weddings within our churches are always special

We are blessed to have churches which have not only been on sites of prayer for nearly a thousand years, but they breathe a beautiful atmosphere for your special day. The grounds of each church make wonderful backgrounds for guests to enjoy the day and of course photographs. If the weather is inclement the interior of both churches also lend themselves to lovely backdrops 

In preparing to be married, everyone always has questions. It is hoped the following may answer some of queries. 

Marriage Preparation 

We always rejoice over a couple on their wedding day. However we also deeply believe Marriage is more than just a wedding day. To this end, we offer a Marriage Preparation Weekend to each couple, at no extra cost. The weekend begins with a light meal, chat and DVD on the Friday evening, followed by spending the Saturday looking at both practical and longer term issues which may affect your marriage, such as Communication, Conflict Resolution etc. This will be through short presentations, DVD clips and interviews with couples married for a number of years. 

As a couple you will have plenty of time to chat through issues and at no point will you be called upon to answer questions in an open group, nor will any of the Marriage Preparation Team ask you prying questions. We really do want to offer you this opportunity to have some space to explore your marriage. On the Sunday you will be invited to a Church Service. 

The average couple spend thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours preparing for their wedding day, so we hope you may be able to spend a weekend with us to prepare for your marriage. After your wedding day, at some point in the year we will invite you to return to share in a service together and over light refreshments we would love to look at your photographs. 

For dates of our Wedding Preparation Session and Marriage Preparation Weekend please see our calender or contact us if you are unable to make these dates.

Wedding in Church 

You are entitled to be married at St Mary's, Davington or St Peter and St Paul's Ospringe if you live in the Parish, or have recently moved away but your parents live here, or are on the Church electoral roll. On October 1st 2008, new laws were brought in allowing marriage in a Church other than your parish Church if you have a connection with that Church. For details regarding the new law, contact the parish priest, or see the Church of England website CofE Marriage Measure 2008 

Booking the Church 

As soon as you have decided which date you would like to be married, contact us to see whether the Church is available. An appointment will then be made for you both to meet with the her to discuss your plans. 

Legal Requirements

You must have your banns of marriage read out in church on three Sundays during the three months before your wedding. You will be told the dates on which your banns will be read well in advance, which will be during the Main Sunday service at the church of your choice. It is important that you should try and attend to verify that the details are correct. Banns need to be read in the parish where each of you lives as well as the church in which you are to be married. (In some cases there are alternatives to banns - see the Church of England website or speak to us.) 

What Kind of Service? 

You can choose to have a modern language service or one in more traditional language. There are one or more readings from the Bible, and if you choose there may be readings/poems from other sources also. There will be some prayers, which you may want to choose, or write yourselves. 

Choice of Music

There are usually two or three hymns during a marriage service. The vicar and the Organist will be very happy to help you make these important decisions. You will also need to choose music for entering the church, leaving the church, and during the signing of the registers. This can either be played by the Organist or played on a Music system. 

If you have friends or family you would like to involve in the service, by reading, playing a musical instrument or singing that will be wonderful, just please discuss this in advance with us. 


We have a number of excellent organists who play for weddings when they are available. If you wish someone else to play, that is fine but do please let us know in advance. 

Flowers in Church 

Decorating the church can be an important part of your celebrations. In each of our churches we have a merry team of flower arrangers who always have flowers ready for a Sunday. Alternatively you can speak to them to arrange something special which for a small donation they are usually able to help you with. Equally please feel able to have a floral arranger of your choice, just liaise with us first!

Church Bells 

There is a fine peal of bells at St. Peter and St Paul's. Our bellringers are happy to ring as a couple leaves the church after their wedding. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like the bells to be rung. 

What about photographs? 

It is important that you should have a record of your special day; taking photographs is permissible, but no flash photography during the service. Your photographer should arrive in time to speak to us before the service. 

Can the guests throw confetti? 

There are many varieties of dried petal confetti available now, which is preferable, but other bio-degradable kinds are also permissible. Please no foil varieties! Confetti looks very pretty at a wedding and we are happy for guests to throw it beyond the lychgate. 


Marriage fees from 1st January 2017

The Marriage service fees are set out below, alternatively please click here to go to the Church of Englands Fees page.

The Marriage Service£424.00Includes fees for The Diocese; our Parochial church council. Payable by 4 weeks before the date of your marriage. 
Banns of Marriage£28.00
Marriage Certificate£13.00
Verger£30.00To set up and clear away in the Church before & after your wedding

Optional Extras

Organist or Music Group
£75.00When available
Bells (Ospringe)£140.00
Bellringer (Davington)£30.00
Video License
£100.00This is required if you are bringing a videographer
FlowersDonationEither a church display or bring your own


I hope that this information is helpful for you. May God bless you as you continue your marriage preparations and planning. To book your wedding, and if you have any queries, please contact us.